I'm a boat owner. If you haven't guessed how this story goes, I keep my boat at Admiral's Hill Marina in Chelsea, MA. 

Because I fall into the demographic I was trying to reach, I needed only to think about that daily pull I feel to get out on the water. And so, The Harbor is Calling was born. With the help of a copywriter the headlines began to take shape. Ironically, it was the art direction that gave me the most trouble with this campaign. 

Each time I shared this work with my peers they all commented on how much they loved the logo. After nearly a decade of being told to make the logo bigger....I actually decided to do it myself, but in a way that was visually compelling. Turns out the gigantic logo was what my ads had been missing. 

After I had my campaign all fleshed out, I walked into the marina's office one morning and sat down with the manager and the mechanic. I took them through the campaign and it was clear that the new look and feel was an instant hit. A few hours later the owner called me up and gave me the green light to start making this project a reality. 

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