Follow the journey (through six vignettes and one documentary) as LES MILLS and their partner REEBOK converge on Stockholm to create the fitness industry's largest and most spectacular event. 



Directors: Steve Kolander, Christian Williams
Editor: Brian Cassin
Cinematographers: Hillary Spera, Jeff Powers
Assistant Camera: Tom Fitzgerald
Producer: Patrick Scherf

Agency: Small Army
Creative Director: Steve Kolander
Art Director: Christian Williams

THE ROAD TO SUPER SATURDAY Behind the scenes documentary

01 Far From Home | Traveling half way around the world takes its toll.

It Starts With Music
Discover how the team from Les Mills finds and creates the music behind their classes.

03 Training For The Moment | Preparing to present in front of thousands of people can be a an exciting experience.

04 Style In Fitness | A brief glimpse into the marriage of fitness and style.

05 The Show Will Go On | When you're putting on the fitness industry's biggest event things don't always go as planned.

06 That Just Happened
Nothing relieves the stress of performing in front of thousands of people like a little backstage fun.