A while back, the Big Cheese over at Ritte Racing asked if I was available to help them out with their first print ad. As a fan of all things Ritte, as well as being an ambassador member of their racing team, (albeit the sorriest), I gladly set aside some time to pitch in. When I saw the photos of the concept for the ad, I knew I had made the right choice. The concept was there. It just needed some help coming to life.

So, for the next couple of days, I reached into my bag of Photoshop tricks. I pushed some colors here, played with some curves there....cloned, kerned, masked, filtered, tracked, cropped, duplicated, and dodged my way to something I am proud to have been a part of. Unfortunately, my dreams of wild compensation never materialized. I'm sad to report that a gorgeous new Bosberg bicycle never arrived at my doorstep.

(click for larger image)